Egg Car Project: Deliver

Well, I ended up procrastinating and I remember that peanut butter jar’s were sturdy and the peanutbutter inside the jar would be able to act as an airbag, which was 1 out of 2 safety features i needed to protect an egg. So i added another by simply just cutting one part of an egg carton big enough to hold only one egg and i just used some elastic that I bought from the 99 cent store (which was previously for sewing purposes) and just decided to use it as the seatbelt for the seat by gluing it with crazy glue to the seat. I also tested a seat for the egg and it secured the egg passenger. I stuffed it inside the ‘car’ carefully.
Originally I was going to have wheels on it but I remembered that it could roll without wheels so I removed the wheels. It was originally going to be a jar with wheels, I just made it an egg car jar with 2 safety features.

My car met all project constraints, it was less than or equal to 15 cm on each side, the egg could be easily remnoved from the car, it had at east 2 safety features, and it could roll smoothly.
The process for building my car was completely successful, I planned to make it food-based from the very beginning.
I learned that when it comes to using food to protect something, I’m actually good at coming up with ideas to do so. I also learned that I’m lazy when it comes to actually making my car look pleasing to the eye.
I’ll improve on not procrastinating on my projects in the future so I actually have more time to test my prototypes.


Design: Egg Car Project

20160505_131036 I need crazy glue but thats readily available at home but if i run out i need to buy it from the store nearby. I need to remove wheels from a toy car to used as the wheels for my egg car. And i will make the body for the car out of light, durable, material though i dont know what yet, i’ll just use whatever is available at home and i may use an egg holder thing as the seat for the egg since I may not be able to DIY a seat.

First I will create a rectangular base where i will place the seat in though each side has to be 15 cm or less. then i may use paper mache to shape it to look more like an actual car though i will leave enough space for the egg seat and for easy egg removal. And after that i have to crazy glue the wheels to the car somehow to implent it my car, so its able to move smooth, or at least smoothly enough.

The criteria for building this car is each side has to be 15 cm or less, and we have to build it ourselves with whatever materials we use and that it protects the egg from cracking. And it has to have easy removal of the egg from the car. Plus, 2 safety features to prevent the egg from sustain9ing damage from a crash and cracking. My car is aimed at all people who care about their safety if they end up in a car crash.I know my car will be successful if the egg is unscathed by the crash during the crash test, is easily removed from the car, and has its very own seat

Discover: clonerAM.sb2

Im gonna make a game where scratch cat has to get all the strawberries falling from the sky and he has to avoid getting anything else that falls from the sky that are not strawberries except for pineapples. The pineapples are gonna be worth twice as much as strawberries but i’ll on implement them if I successfully clone strawberries first. The cat will be able to move left and right via the left and right arrow keys in order to catch the strawberries and (possible) pineapples.