Develop Post: scrollerAM05.sb2

The bat’s direction is controlled with arrows keys and the backdrops are activated based on which direction the bat is “flying”, I had to make sure that the both backdrops were attached to eachother so that the bat could go in either direction and wouldn’t descent into white backdrop, this is the final product of my project since i ran out of time.


scroller.sb2 Deliver

The original goal of this project was to create a scrolling game using scratch and making an illusion as if the main sprite is moving.

I have the sprite’s costumes changing as it “flies” across the screen. the sprite can also “fly” in the left direction as well, I’m still working on making my sprite fly to the right and making the background move so it looks as if my main sprite is flying over benches in the park.

The most important thing to fix is the background, and make it seem like its moving behind the main sprite, making it as if the sprite is moving, the purpose of this project.

This project is due April 19 and i will spend the remaining time fixing the background and making it so the sprite can move in the other direction as well.

Design and Develop: Mid-point Status report

I didnt have a good plan at the start of my scroller game project. I didnt have a theme and I was confused about how to animate the background.

So far, currently, I have done only a tiny bit of work, I have the background sprites and the main sprite, now all I have to do is add variables (such as R for right, L for left) to give the main sprite a certain intelligence to make it seem like its moving left or right depending on what arrow keys are pressed.

I believe I can meet the minimum requirements and goals of my project by the due date though I need to work hard at home as well and finally start animating the background as well.

No, My goal is to make a scrolling game that makes the sprite move in the left or right, maybe even jump if I meet the goals earlier than the deadline. I have to use the rest of the time to focus on animating the sprite and the background sprites.