Design: clonerAM.sb2 (unnameduntilfurthernotice) 2

I can clone the present now, but i still need to make it fall from the sky. I also added a background to the project as well


Mid-Point Status Report: clonerAM.sb2

I decided not to use the idea I originally had and decided to make the game a bit differently, the cat would be able to “walk” left and right in order to get the presents falling from the sky but i still didnt get the presents to fall from the sky but i got them to clone….in random areas of the screen. I honestly dont think this idea is going to work out….i wont be able to finish on time at this rate…

Deliver: clonerAM.sb2

I honestly gave up my original idea and decided to do something entirely different, instead of using the cat i used a square and ended up creating a square colored gas cloud that follows the mouse pointer while the color of the background changes, it goes on forever. Everything is working fine, though my original idea failed, this one was simple and easy to make. I have until 11:59 PM today to finish this project. I should spend the remaining time working on my posts i havent posted yet.

Define: clonerAM.sb2

I’m going to need to use the ‘when left key is pressed ‘block (after making the variables R, L, dir, and X of course) for the scratch cat so it can move left and use the ‘when right key is pressed’ block and put ‘set dir to R’ (L for the left key) and do anything else I did in my scroller in order to make scratch cat move. Then I have to make a strawberry sprite and pineapple sprite and clone it as to not use much of scratch’s data so it won’t lag once the final product is done. Now, i just have to find a way to make all the pineapples and strawberries fall from the “sky”.

Discover: clonerAM.sb2

Im gonna make a game where scratch cat has to get all the strawberries falling from the sky and he has to avoid getting anything else that falls from the sky that are not strawberries except for pineapples. The pineapples are gonna be worth twice as much as strawberries but i’ll on implement them if I successfully clone strawberries first. The cat will be able to move left and right via the left and right arrow keys in order to catch the strawberries and (possible) pineapples.