**Conditionals and Converses

If it’s one of her favorite activities to do, then Crystal likes dancing.

If Crystal likes dancing, then it’s one of her favorite activities to do.

Not true: Someone can like dancing but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s their favorite activity to do.

If there’s a hurricane, then the store is closed.

If the store is closed, then there’s a hurricane.

Not true: The store could’ve been closed because it needed repairs.

If there’s snowfall, then snowflakes are going to fall

If snowflakes are going to fall, that means there’s snowfall

True: If it snows, it’s called snowfall because snow falls as precipitation from the sky when the temperature outside is low enough.


One comment

  1. aerwaysblog · February 6, 2017

    The converse of a conditional is not necessarily true because something else can cause the same conclusion to happen as well. An example being that ‘If there’s a hurricane, the store is going to be closed’ but the hurricane doesnt necessarily has to be the reason the store closes. The store could be closed due to other reasons (like an infestation of bed bugs or there was a medical emergency for the person that manages the store). So a hurricane isn’t necessarily the reason why the store closes, it can be caused by other factors too.


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