Define: Personal Branding

  • How will you divide your content between your 4 pages?

I will divide the content by  putting the other pages in separate folders inside the Web Page  (I forgot to name it Personal Branding) folder that my homepage is in. The homepage will have links to the other pages once its finished so someone cane easily navigate through my website.

  • What will you name each page?

Well, the homepage is going to be called homePage.html, another page where I list my favorite games is going to be games.html, the page where I list quotes I find interesting as I roam on the internet will be named quotes.html, and the page where I describe emotions, my feelings, and more will be named otherStuff.html.

  • Where will you store your pictures?

I will store my pages on neocities. For my home page I will store my pictures for home page in the Web Page folder, for my game page I will store pictures of the game covers in the games folder, for my quotes page I will store pictures with quotes in mty quotes folder, and for my otherStuff page I will put images that best describe a certain emotion I may talk about inside the otherStuff folder.

  • What links will let the user move between pages of your website?

Relative html links will let users move between pages of my websites (for instance if someone is on my games page, the html links to the other pages will be available to click to go to a different page out of the 4 pages that would be created.) (I know the labels are a little bit different than what I said)20160621_173330


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