Happiness for me is being able to take a nap with my friends and feeling safe. Well….it makes me truly happy when I understand a person just a bit more, because I end up understanding how that certain person percieves certain situations, I feel a deeper emotional connection depending on the person as well. It also makes me truly happy when my friend Crystal ‘bothers’ me, her reactions are priceless, just like everyone elses~ And I could go on and on but you all probably get the point.

My thoughts on Love

Eh?? Well….love for me is when I can say anything to my significant other and they would be there to support me any way they can when I’m in a tough situation. Its a feeling that makes my emotions warm and fuzzy, like… do i explain it….OH! It’s when me and my other feel a connection that draws us to eachother, like a magnet. I feel as though they’re my other half, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t dislike or hate them. If I see a side of them I never saw before, I’ll fall for them even more than I already have. Love is when someone see their significant other(s) at their worst but their feelings for that person never waver.

What I Think About Myself

Well, if you were to ask me what I thought of myself….well…I’m a coward when it comes to many situations, I know that one of the core values of UA Maker is risktaking but honestly, I dont think I’m a risktaker (well not that much anyway) And I dont think of myself as a nice person either because I’m always envious of everyone else and that makes me feel like a terrible person. Believe me I know I’m not that bad of a person but it sure feels like it sometimes.



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