Egg Car Project: Develop

Well, I was too late to test my egg car for the first time, but It didn’t exist at the time considering I had no car to test at the time. So the failures were that my car didnt exist, so it couldnt roll and it didnt have a part where the egg can easily get out, but a success was that it met the requirement of being less than or equal to 15 cm on each side.

At the time I recieved feedback, My car was almost completed, so the feedback I recieved from my partner was to glue the wheel back on (since it fell off during the journey from home to school) and that’s all.

I got lazy and to roll my car didnt need wheels since the base was a peanutbutter jar, so i just had to remove the other wheels. It met all constraints including having a seat for the egg inside and two safety features (i would glue elastic to the egg seat so its able to hold an egg and act as a seatbelt while the remaining peanutbutter inside would act as the ‘airbag’ for the car.


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