Egg Car Project: Deliver

Well, I ended up procrastinating and I remember that peanut butter jar’s were sturdy and the peanutbutter inside the jar would be able to act as an airbag, which was 1 out of 2 safety features i needed to protect an egg. So i added another by simply just cutting one part of an egg carton big enough to hold only one egg and i just used some elastic that I bought from the 99 cent store (which was previously for sewing purposes) and just decided to use it as the seatbelt for the seat by gluing it with crazy glue to the seat. I also tested a seat for the egg and it secured the egg passenger. I stuffed it inside the ‘car’ carefully.
Originally I was going to have wheels on it but I remembered that it could roll without wheels so I removed the wheels. It was originally going to be a jar with wheels, I just made it an egg car jar with 2 safety features.

My car met all project constraints, it was less than or equal to 15 cm on each side, the egg could be easily remnoved from the car, it had at east 2 safety features, and it could roll smoothly.
The process for building my car was completely successful, I planned to make it food-based from the very beginning.
I learned that when it comes to using food to protect something, I’m actually good at coming up with ideas to do so. I also learned that I’m lazy when it comes to actually making my car look pleasing to the eye.
I’ll improve on not procrastinating on my projects in the future so I actually have more time to test my prototypes.


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