Rise of The Aereny

Introducing Me!~


My name is Aereny.
You probably don’t know me, so I’ll tell you about myself, yeah? I’m just a person who just wants to finish school and get out of the Bronx. I’m also interested to see how life is from other peoples’ perspectives, curiosity always gets the best of me. I’m interested in making an UTAUloid of my own but I don’t have the necessary equipment and privacy to do so. I like any music that I find to be interesting that has a nice beat, I’m very picky about my music because of that. I’m usually listening to my music at full volume in my headphones and i can’t help but shake my leg to the beat. I like sweets a lot, especially cheesecake! But I never tasted melon cheesecake. My favorite food is mac and cheese and dont be mistaken, I don’t want soggy Kraft mac and cheese. Oh and sweaters, I like sweaters a lot, especially oversized sweaters, I love oversized sweaters.

Music Taste

The type of music taste I have varies but I know I mostly listen to Vocaloid, UTAU, and remixes. Not much people at my school know about it. UTAU is a free voice sythesizer used to make UTAUloids (such as Kasane Teto, who is the most popular UTAU by the way) Vocaloid is an expensive voicebank that someone can tune to make a song though it requires patience as well. I’m interested in learning how to tune either or. Each program has its pros and cons, but as long as it produces music i like, I don’t mind.


I can Draw…Just Not That Well

I know how to draw pretty decently as well, though I have to work on it more….i need to learn how to draw legs and practice drawing arms. I also need to practice drawing human anatomy for future projects. I’m planning on making fanart for my fandoms (Hetalia, Steven Universe, MLP fim, and many more).


I’m that type of person that’s quiet when none of my friends are around, but when i see someone I know well, I open my mouth and I can’t stop talking to them since I love talking to people I like. I’m an antrovert, I love hanging around people, but I also enjoy the comfort and silence in solitude sometimes. I always wear a mask, metaphorically speaking. If I’m sad I usually hide it with a smile and act as though nothing is bothering me when its the opposite. You know how there’s that 3rd wheel?? Well Im the 5th wheel, the forgotten wheel, the person no one remembers until they have a problem. I’m the type of person that tries to see the good in everyone, keyword ‘TRY. Easier said than done.





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