Deliver: Personal Branding

    • Will you be able to complete your project on time?
  • Nope i wont complete my project on time since I’m posting this over a week late and I didn’t even link any pages to each other yet.
    • Do you need to change your goals to be something less than the complete site

I might not be able to make back links to the home page.


To Do List for the time remaining:

  • Link pages to each other with html links
  • try to make a back link to the home Page
  • Neocities link to the final version of your home page:

Midpoint Status Report: Personal Branding

  • Is your website on schedule for completion by June 13th?

Nope, it’s already past June 13th, so I’ll have to turn it in today, June 21.

  • Do you need to change your goals to be something less than the creation of the complete, working site?

Not necessarily, though I can’t waste anymore time than I already have, I just cant provide an extremely thorough explanation of text that represents my personal brand, but I’ll provide enough so people can understand enough to know it represents my personal brand.

To Do List for the time remaining

  • Work on developing my other 3 pages
  • Work on my deliver post for Personal Branding
  • Submit final product on canvas

Define: Personal Branding

  • How will you divide your content between your 4 pages?

I will divide the content by  putting the other pages in separate folders inside the Web Page  (I forgot to name it Personal Branding) folder that my homepage is in. The homepage will have links to the other pages once its finished so someone cane easily navigate through my website.

  • What will you name each page?

Well, the homepage is going to be called homePage.html, another page where I list my favorite games is going to be games.html, the page where I list quotes I find interesting as I roam on the internet will be named quotes.html, and the page where I describe emotions, my feelings, and more will be named otherStuff.html.

  • Where will you store your pictures?

I will store my pages on neocities. For my home page I will store my pictures for home page in the Web Page folder, for my game page I will store pictures of the game covers in the games folder, for my quotes page I will store pictures with quotes in mty quotes folder, and for my otherStuff page I will put images that best describe a certain emotion I may talk about inside the otherStuff folder.

  • What links will let the user move between pages of your website?

Relative html links will let users move between pages of my websites (for instance if someone is on my games page, the html links to the other pages will be available to click to go to a different page out of the 4 pages that would be created.) (I know the labels are a little bit different than what I said)20160621_173330

Discover: Personal Branding

Three words that best represent me would be Empathetic, blue, and naps.

When people think of my name, I want them to associate it with empathy, giving advice, and relationships.

The subjects I’m knowledgeable about are relationships, writing my own stories, and music.

I’m from New York, and the climate here depends on the season, if it’s winter, it’s going to be very cold and if it’s summer, it’s going to be very hot.

My cultural background is Puerto Rican/hispanic and I am agnostic, and I have no stand on whether deity’s exist or not.

My hobbies include sleeping, taking naps (not the same thing), drawing, singing, watching youtube videos, reading fanfictions and doujins, playing video games, wandering on the internet and searching up random things on google.

A career path im interested is…..well, I don’t know but being a detective sounds appealing to me.

I overcame being a coward and running away from my problems and emotions.

I like to read stories on wattpad, watching top 10s on youtube, I also like to eat sweets, and travel on the trains with my friends.

Other attribute I would like to highlight would be that I watch anime, and I learn many facts from the top 10’s i watch on Youtube.

I learned that my website should include the colors blue, black, and just a hint of red and green, as well as quotes (such as ‘dont grow up its a trap’ and ‘there’s a gap’ and such), and creative designs (such as the various citrus slices being used to make pacman in different colors and the picture of two keyboard keys holding hands forming a smiley face). Also, some of the quotes are from one person to another (‘We’ll always be neighbors no matter the distance’, ‘It appears that I’m very low on your priority list’ and ‘I’d like to have that day with you again’).





Happiness for me is being able to take a nap with my friends and feeling safe. Well….it makes me truly happy when I understand a person just a bit more, because I end up understanding how that certain person percieves certain situations, I feel a deeper emotional connection depending on the person as well. It also makes me truly happy when my friend Crystal ‘bothers’ me, her reactions are priceless, just like everyone elses~ And I could go on and on but you all probably get the point.

My thoughts on Love

Eh?? Well….love for me is when I can say anything to my significant other and they would be there to support me any way they can when I’m in a tough situation. Its a feeling that makes my emotions warm and fuzzy, like… do i explain it….OH! It’s when me and my other feel a connection that draws us to eachother, like a magnet. I feel as though they’re my other half, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t dislike or hate them. If I see a side of them I never saw before, I’ll fall for them even more than I already have. Love is when someone see their significant other(s) at their worst but their feelings for that person never waver.

What I Think About Myself

Well, if you were to ask me what I thought of myself….well…I’m a coward when it comes to many situations, I know that one of the core values of UA Maker is risktaking but honestly, I dont think I’m a risktaker (well not that much anyway) And I dont think of myself as a nice person either because I’m always envious of everyone else and that makes me feel like a terrible person. Believe me I know I’m not that bad of a person but it sure feels like it sometimes.


Egg Car Project: Deliver

Well, I ended up procrastinating and I remember that peanut butter jar’s were sturdy and the peanutbutter inside the jar would be able to act as an airbag, which was 1 out of 2 safety features i needed to protect an egg. So i added another by simply just cutting one part of an egg carton big enough to hold only one egg and i just used some elastic that I bought from the 99 cent store (which was previously for sewing purposes) and just decided to use it as the seatbelt for the seat by gluing it with crazy glue to the seat. I also tested a seat for the egg and it secured the egg passenger. I stuffed it inside the ‘car’ carefully.
Originally I was going to have wheels on it but I remembered that it could roll without wheels so I removed the wheels. It was originally going to be a jar with wheels, I just made it an egg car jar with 2 safety features.

My car met all project constraints, it was less than or equal to 15 cm on each side, the egg could be easily remnoved from the car, it had at east 2 safety features, and it could roll smoothly.
The process for building my car was completely successful, I planned to make it food-based from the very beginning.
I learned that when it comes to using food to protect something, I’m actually good at coming up with ideas to do so. I also learned that I’m lazy when it comes to actually making my car look pleasing to the eye.
I’ll improve on not procrastinating on my projects in the future so I actually have more time to test my prototypes.

Egg Car Project: Develop

Well, I was too late to test my egg car for the first time, but It didn’t exist at the time considering I had no car to test at the time. So the failures were that my car didnt exist, so it couldnt roll and it didnt have a part where the egg can easily get out, but a success was that it met the requirement of being less than or equal to 15 cm on each side.

At the time I recieved feedback, My car was almost completed, so the feedback I recieved from my partner was to glue the wheel back on (since it fell off during the journey from home to school) and that’s all.

I got lazy and to roll my car didnt need wheels since the base was a peanutbutter jar, so i just had to remove the other wheels. It met all constraints including having a seat for the egg inside and two safety features (i would glue elastic to the egg seat so its able to hold an egg and act as a seatbelt while the remaining peanutbutter inside would act as the ‘airbag’ for the car.