Define: Egg Car Project

For my egg car, i decided to use a seatbelt and an “airbag” for my car’s safety features so the egg wont crack. I thought these features would be suitable because a seatbelt keeps the egg from jolting forward and possibly breaking and the “airbag” would cushion it, both of these safety features work over time. According to the readings, a seatbelt “keeps you from flying through the windshield or hurdling toward the dashboard when your car comes to an abrupt stop.” meaning that it can possibly stop the egg from taking damage when the car crashes during the crash test. The articles also said that, “A seatbelt applies the stopping force to more durable parts of the body over a longer period of time. ” which for the egg means that its whole being will not take damage since it doesnt have any limbs or anything. In one of my safety car readings, it says that airbags “reduce the risk of dying in a direct frontal crash by about 30 percent.” meaning that the egg may not crack during the crash in a crash test. So if I used a seatbelt and an airbag in my egg car, the egg most likely wont break if i implement them correctly though these features work over time so i have keep that in mind.


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