Design: clonerAM.sb2 (unnameduntilfurthernotice) 2

I can clone the present now, but i still need to make it fall from the sky. I also added a background to the project as well


Mid-Point Status Report: clonerAM.sb2

I decided not to use the idea I originally had and decided to make the game a bit differently, the cat would be able to “walk” left and right in order to get the presents falling from the sky but i still didnt get the presents to fall from the sky but i got them to clone….in random areas of the screen. I honestly dont think this idea is going to work out….i wont be able to finish on time at this rate…

Deliver: clonerAM.sb2

I honestly gave up my original idea and decided to do something entirely different, instead of using the cat i used a square and ended up creating a square colored gas cloud that follows the mouse pointer while the color of the background changes, it goes on forever. Everything is working fine, though my original idea failed, this one was simple and easy to make. I have until 11:59 PM today to finish this project. I should spend the remaining time working on my posts i havent posted yet.

Design: Egg Car Project

20160505_131036 I need crazy glue but thats readily available at home but if i run out i need to buy it from the store nearby. I need to remove wheels from a toy car to used as the wheels for my egg car. And i will make the body for the car out of light, durable, material though i dont know what yet, i’ll just use whatever is available at home and i may use an egg holder thing as the seat for the egg since I may not be able to DIY a seat.

First I will create a rectangular base where i will place the seat in though each side has to be 15 cm or less. then i may use paper mache to shape it to look more like an actual car though i will leave enough space for the egg seat and for easy egg removal. And after that i have to crazy glue the wheels to the car somehow to implent it my car, so its able to move smooth, or at least smoothly enough.

The criteria for building this car is each side has to be 15 cm or less, and we have to build it ourselves with whatever materials we use and that it protects the egg from cracking. And it has to have easy removal of the egg from the car. Plus, 2 safety features to prevent the egg from sustain9ing damage from a crash and cracking. My car is aimed at all people who care about their safety if they end up in a car crash.I know my car will be successful if the egg is unscathed by the crash during the crash test, is easily removed from the car, and has its very own seat

Define: Egg Car Project

For my egg car, i decided to use a seatbelt and an “airbag” for my car’s safety features so the egg wont crack. I thought these features would be suitable because a seatbelt keeps the egg from jolting forward and possibly breaking and the “airbag” would cushion it, both of these safety features work over time. According to the readings, a seatbelt “keeps you from flying through the windshield or hurdling toward the dashboard when your car comes to an abrupt stop.” meaning that it can possibly stop the egg from taking damage when the car crashes during the crash test. The articles also said that, “A seatbelt applies the stopping force to more durable parts of the body over a longer period of time. ” which for the egg means that its whole being will not take damage since it doesnt have any limbs or anything. In one of my safety car readings, it says that airbags “reduce the risk of dying in a direct frontal crash by about 30 percent.” meaning that the egg may not crack during the crash in a crash test. So if I used a seatbelt and an airbag in my egg car, the egg most likely wont break if i implement them correctly though these features work over time so i have keep that in mind.