The task it to design and construct a car that will carry a raw egg.

The most important knows about this project is that a raw egg will be a passenger and we need at least 2 safety measures so the egg doesnt break. And the egg will have a crash test May 16-17.

The most important need-to-knows are the date the project is due, ways that I can reduce the forces the egg experiences during collision. And what category I was going to post this post in.

I will use information about possible safety measures I can use in my egg car from articles Ms.Liz gave to me and I can also research even more ways to reduce the force effecting the egg passenger.

The cart must have an easy accessible “seat” for the egg but the car cant be no more than 15 centimeters on each side ans should be customized with the specific user,(an egg) in mind. I also have to use materials, aside from the ones Ms. Liz provided, from old toys, such as buttons, wheels, and more. The project is due on May 16-17.


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