Design and Develop: Mid-point Status report

I didnt have a good plan at the start of my scroller game project. I didnt have a theme and I was confused about how to animate the background.

So far, currently, I have done only a tiny bit of work, I have the background sprites and the main sprite, now all I have to do is add variables (such as R for right, L for left) to give the main sprite a certain intelligence to make it seem like its moving left or right depending on what arrow keys are pressed.

I believe I can meet the minimum requirements and goals of my project by the due date though I need to work hard at home as well and finally start animating the background as well.

No, My goal is to make a scrolling game that makes the sprite move in the left or right, maybe even jump if I meet the goals earlier than the deadline. I have to use the rest of the time to focus on animating the sprite and the background sprites.


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