Active Citizen Pamphlet Reflection


I forgot the reflection question


Performance Task Reflection

  1. From studying about racism, prejudice, and stereotypes, I realized that all three of these are around us, the more I studied about it the more I noticed people around me talking about stereotypes, racism, and how they displayed prejudice because of how closed their minds may be.
  2. I will continue doing what I have always done, learn more about the cultures of people around me while keeping an open mind and being kind to others. I will try to understand why they are the way they are. I will do research on different cultures in my free time and study the history of other people’s cultures and the land that they’re from.
  3. I learned “de” “la” and “a”, which are very important when transitioning during a sentence.
  4. I have to learn the very long words in spanish, how to ask basic questions and how to form sentences and such


Fake News Performance Task: The 5 Ds

(Discover)I wrote down ideas of the ways I could go about doing the project and I wrote down all the questions in my Notebook and the topics and sources in which I would get my info.(Define)I narrowed down the methods of going about making an informative piece on Fake News and answered the questions of what fake news is and how to spot it. (Design)I decided to create a presentation template in order to easily organize what informations goes and where it goes in my presentation.As well as tried to see if typing the info for the presentation in google slides would be efficient.There was enough space and options in order to customize the slides how I like and to work on the Performance Task.(Develop) I edited the information in my presentation to ensure that it’s relevant and valid and put more sources other than Wikipedia and google and ensured the sources were not “fake” news. I also fixed most grammar mistakes and errors. I basically “cleaned” my prototype up.(Deliver) I’m going to submit my final product of this performance task on google classroom for Mr. Joshto check, so I could get feedback on my work and use the feedback to effectively innovate future projects.

Performance Task Final Product:

Skateboard Design Process

Name: Aereny M. Section:

Design Studio Skateboard Deck


DISCOVER STAGE Write your responses in these blocks.
What did you learn about the wood used in skateboards? I learned that there were different types of grain for the wood used in skateboards, one of them being long grain.
What did you learn about stacking wood for the deck? I learned that there were 7 layers and that we start from the 7th layer and that it takes 8 hours for three layers to dry so we have to carefully and effectively use our time to stack them evenly.
Why are there so many layers used? There’s so many layers used so the board can be sturdy, durable, and support the weight of a human being.


DEFINE STAGE Write your responses in these blocks.
What was everything that needed to be done to prepare for your board?

What tools/materials did you use?

We needed Mr.gerry’s special high quality glue, a glue roller, the board layers stacked in a specific way so we didnt forget which layer was which and a special bag and airpumps to make the bag airtight around the skateboard layers (which we did last).
What were the constraints in building a skateboard deck? The layers had to be stacked a certain way and i had to apply the glue, put the layers of the board in an air bag to compress them by using an air pump to seal them overnight so they stay attached all within a 7 minute time-frame before the glue dried.


DESIGN STAGE Write your responses in these blocks.
What are four (2) graphic designs for your skateboard deck?

• List the things that work well about each design.

• Add an image for each one.

1. An llustration of a cartoon fox wearing fluffy boah around its neck. 2. A strange looking monster with button eyes, body resembles a two legged creature.
Based on the information you have provided above…

• Which design is most likely to be successful?

• What factor was the most important in helping you decide?

The monster because its more abstract and simple, it would contradict the fancy designs if i were to add some to the skateboard

Simplicity and the ability to add whatever else i want and it wouldnt lookto out of place if there was alot of detail.


DEVELOP STAGE Write your responses in these blocks.
List the materials and supplies you will need for the design that you picked. I Would need stickers, laser cutter and spray paint.
Write any problems you have and any changes you made to your designs and why. We changed the whole design of the skateboard and made it maker based.


DELIVER STAGE Write your responses in these blocks.
Does your designs meet the requirements?

Compare your design to the requirements you listed in discover stage.

Does it meet all of the requirements? If not, what didn’t it meet and why not?

Yes, we have a wheatpaste image, the skateboard is still in layers, still stuck together and intact, Painted the skateboard with acrylic paint, laser cutted a design, and added a special type of sticker i forgot the name of.
Does it meet constraints?

Compare your design to the constraints you listed in define stage. Does it meet all of the constraints? If not, what didn’t it meet and why not?

It meets all of the constraints, the skateboard is even and intact, the requirements were met. We just need to use a template to spray paint a design/words on it and we’re finished
What changes could you have made to improve your design? Put details on the back maybe, huge type pography and more detail maybe where needed


**Electrical Safety

Metal is a great conductor

  • Don’t wear metal jewelry or watchbands when working on electrical circuits” because metal is a great conductor for electricity.
  • “Use tools with non-conducting handles” so conductors like metals, wont conduct the electricity
  • Enclose all electrical contacts and conductors.

People are so-so conductors (they can still conduct electricity).

  • Don’t touch electrical circuits with your fingers.
  • Should someone come into contact with electricity, don’t touch them; shut down the main power.
  • Disconnect the power source before working on electrical circuits and devices.

water is a so-so conductor

  • Never work with electrical circuits with wet hands or on a wet floor.
  • If there is a spill, shut off the main power before doing anything else.



// This Processing program creates a little animation machine
// with controls that you can customize.
// First, we need to “declare” a few variables of 3 different types.
int bDia, cDia, mvX, mvY;
float cX, cY, clickX, clickY;
color cCol;

void setup() {
size(201, 400); // Create a program window 201 pixels wide and 400 pixels high.
stroke(127); // Set the color for the outlines of our shapes.
bDia = 20; // Set the diameter of our circular control buttons.
cDia = 20; // Set the diameter of the “action circle” we will control.
cX = 100; // Set the starting horizontal position of the action circle.
cY = 300; // Set the starting vertical position of the action circle.
cCol = color(255, 255, 255); // Set the starting color of the action circle.
mvX = 0; // Set the horizontal movement of the action circle.
mvY = 0; // Set the vertical movement of the action circle.

void draw() {
// These first 4 lines let you use math coordinates instead of computer coordinates.
scale(1, -1);
translate(0, -height);
clickX = mouseX;
clickY = height – mouseY;

fill(255); // Color the screen white.
rect(0, 200, 200, 200); // Draw the square “action screen”.

ellipse(100, 60, bDia, bDia); // Draw the top button.
ellipse(100, 100, bDia, bDia); // Draw the middle button.
ellipse(100, 140, bDia, bDia); // Draw the bottom button.
ellipse(60, 100, bDia, bDia); // Draw the left button.
ellipse(140, 100, bDia, bDia); // Draw the right button.

fill(cCol); // Set the color for the action circle.
cX = cX + mvX; // Set the horizontal position of the action circle.
cY = cY + mvY; // Set the vertical position of the action circle.

// The 2 “print lines” below will display at the bottom of this window.
// They will let us check the coordinates of the program window.
println(“X =”, clickX);
println(“Y =”, clickY);

ellipse(cX, cY, cDia, cDia); // Draw the action circle.

void mousePressed() {
//Check if the user clicked the middle button.
if (dist(clickX, clickY, 100, 100) < bDia/2) {
cCol = color(255, 0, 0);
// If so, turn the action circle red.

//Check if the user clicked the top button.
else if (dist(clickX, clickY, 100, 140) < bDia/2) {
mvY = 1;
//If so, make the action circle move upwards.

//Check if the user clicked the right button.
else if (dist(clickX, clickY, 140, 100) < bDia/2) {
mvX = 1;
//If so, make the action circle move right

//Check if the user clicked the bottom button.
else if (dist(clickX, clickY, 60, 100) > bDia/2) {
mvY = -1;
//If so, make the action circle move downwards.

//Check if the user clicked the left button.
else if (dist(clickX, clickY, 100, 60) > bDia/2) {
mvX = -1;
//If so, make the action circle move left.



Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.53.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.53.49 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.53.56 PM

My program functions so that it will reply to an input of “yes” “Yes” “no” and “No”. the program will respond to these inputs with it’s own comment and move onto the next question. Although, im programming it up to the second question, i didnt come up with how it would reply to the second question. I plan to finish it by having the program respond to the user’s answer with a comment of it’s own before ending for each combination of answers, though i still have to constrain the user’s inputs into a loop and end the program after the program’s response.






Final Version (also AER stands for Aereny)

After 16 more copies (with much resilience) I kept the bad answer loops, but I added the line numbers needed for the responses and used AND so that if for instance someone types yes for the first question and no for the second question, it will give the person who typed those inputs a unique response only to that pattern of inputs. This applies to other possible combinations of inputs as well. Also, when the last input is entered, the program has a response and then it ends at 800, for each response. There are lines like 411 that finish a sentence without it cutting off in chipmunk BASIC, so I added those to every long sentence that would usually cut off if I didnt do that otherwise.